Celebratin’ Random Acts of Kindness Week by Making a Difference in Our Local Schools

From The Smoker March 5, 2024
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Random Acts of Kindness Week is a special time dedicated to promoting kindness and compassion in our communities. It serves as a reminder of the positive impact that small acts of kindness can have on individuals and society as a whole. 

To celebrate, our Kindness Crew partnered with their local schools to spread kindness in the classroom. They provided each school with 50 coupons to reward students caught being kind. The Kindness Crew then selected one winner from each school to surprise with a Random Act of BBQ, treating their entire class to a delicious catered BBQ meal as a token of appreciation for their kindness. 

Tara B. | Chief Kindness Officer – Palm Harbor, FL

Tara surprised two students, each from different schools, with a Random Act of BBQ to thank them for going out of their way to be kind. 

Our first stop was at Academie De Vinci to surprise Sophia for her wonderful display of teamwork. She auditioned for the role of “Nemo” in the school’s upcoming Finding Nemo play, hoping to get it. She even made a bracelet because she was so excited about the possibility. But when she didn’t get the role, she didn’t let it get her down. Instead, she happily welcomed the student who did get the part, giving them her new bracelet to share in their excitement. It was a beautiful gesture that showed Sophia’s kindness and team spirit, making everyone at Academie De Vinci proud.  

Our next visit was to Palm Harbor Middle School to celebrate Illiana for her constant kindness in the community. For a school project, she organized a cereal food drive. Even after the project ended, she kept collecting cereal and started another drive to help a nearby animal shelter. Illiana also inspires her friends to get involved in collecting items and supports them in starting their own projects. We were excited to surprise Illiana for her commendable efforts. 

Samantha B. | Manager – Rock Hill, NC 

Next, we traveled to Rock Hill to help Samantha surprise Rhett at India Hook Elementary. Rhett is known for being kind to everyone and making sure nobody ever feels left out. Recently, Rhett noticed that his classmate had no one to play with during recess, so he decided to play with them because he believes everyone should have a friend. Rhett is always kind, respectful, and polite to everyone he encounters.  

When we surprised him, his whole class was so happy and cheered him on. They decorated their classroom in kindness posters and made a big banner with nice words to describe Rhett and the good things he does. They were excited about the tasty BBQ, even making a sign that said, “Welcome Sonny’s BBQ!”  

Jessica S. | Manager – Jacksonville, FL  

We joined Jessica at Mandarin Oaks Elementary to honor Lillian for being a supportive friend to all her classmates. She’s always there to cheer them on, telling them they’re doing great and lending a helping hand whenever they need it. Whenever she talks to a classmate, you can hear her saying things like “You’re amazing,” “I wish I had thought of that,” and “You’re getting better every day.” She makes a special effort to give compliments to kids who are struggling with their work, which means a lot to them. 

Recently, she spent time reading to some students who need extra help. She noticed one student was nonverbal, so she found a way to help him enjoy the story. She started pointing to the pictures in the book and made it more interactive for him. His face lit up with joy when he realized she made something fun just for him to join in. She is so deserving of this recognition, and we were so happy to be a part of this special surprise. 

Michelle S. | Manager – Ocoee, FL

As we continued to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, we made a stop in Ocoee to visit Michelle and help her surprise Aayat at Bay Lake Elementary. Aayat is always kind to everyone and always makes it a point to lend a helping hand to her peers when she sees them struggling. Her teacher had so many kind words to say about her and expressed that she never has to worry about her because she knows she is always doing what is right and always being a friend to everyone around her. 

Claudia H. | Server – Apopka, FL 

Claudia had a special day honoring Mackenzie at Lovell Elementary for being a wonderful example of kindness. Mackenzie is always ready to assist her classmates in small groups during class and helps them stay focused during whole group lessons. She’s quick to offer help and gives excellent advice. Mackenzie is just a kind person all the time. Every day, she comes in with a smile, ready to learn. She encourages others to do their best every single day. Her peers were so excited to celebrate her and all agreed that she is an outstanding student and friend to all.  

Kennon A. | Catering Director – Orlando, FL  

To end our Random Acts of Kindness Week celebrations, Kennon picked two students, at two different schools, to celebrate for the kindness they show on a daily basis to everyone around them.  

The first surprise was for Brandon, a student at Memorial Middle School. Brandon is a steady and committed student, day in and day out. His positive and open attitude has helped him to acquire new knowledge and to develop new skills. He listens exceptionally well and eagerly shares his thoughts regarding ways to we can continue to develop a positive school culture for all.  Brandon is respectful and makes a point to greet each and every adult in a way that makes them feel seen and appreciated. Brandon is an impressive student with such a bright future and we are lucky to share a part of his story. It was fun to celebrate him with all his peers.   

The final surprise was for Jorge at Oakshire Elementary. He was picked because he’s always kind to everyone in class. Jorge is a fantastic helper to his classmates and the teacher. Whenever new students join our class, his teacher can rely on Jorge to show them around and make them feel at home. He’s always ready to help students who need extra support. 

The Kindness Crew is always finding new ways to surprise and delight people in their communities. To follow along on their kindness journey, check out more ways we ‘Q The Kindness.

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