Celebrate Giving Tuesday with Sonny’s: Meet the newest members of the Kindness Crew

From The Smoker November 27, 2023
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Giving Tuesday, which falls on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, was established with the goal of fostering a world where acts of generosity are an integral part of daily life. It aims to spark a day of kindness, encouraging people to act kindly and witness the resulting positive ripple effects. 

This year, Sonny’s is celebrating the special holiday by adding to our Kindness Crew, made up of six passionate team members dedicated to spreading kindness and helping others, all under the leadership of our Chief Kindness Officer, Tara Boyle. This Giving Tuesday, as we continue the tradition of supporting their charitable efforts, we warmly welcome three new members who will join the Chief Kindness Officer in our mission to spread the spirit of BBQ one kind deed at a time. Each of them will have the opportunity to donate $2,500 to the charity they chose on the National Day of Giving, making a meaningful impact on the causes they hold dear to their hearts and reinforcing our commitment to doing what’s right in our local communities.

Meet the Newest Additions to the Kindness Crew 

Samantha Blackwelder | Assistant Manager, Rock Hill, NC 

Samantha is the perfect addition to our Kindness Crew for a multitude of reasons. She has a passion for helping those in her community and plans to use this platform to make an even larger, more significant impact on those around her. Samantha’s dedication to giving back comes from having experienced the support and kindness of others during her own challenging times, making her driven by the desire to pay it forward. She aspires to be the beacon of hope and assistance for someone else, just as others were for her. 

Assistant Manager Samantha Blackwelder

I will be donating my funds to the Life House Women’s Shelter, a program that helps women and children facing homelessness. I was in this position myself several years ago. After getting out, I felt a calling in my heart to try to help those who are still in a bad place, as well as the ones that are still dealing with the lingering effects of living through that experience.  

Samantha Blackwelder

The Life House Women’s Shelter offers safe shelter, warm meals, access to laundry and shower services, fellowship, and case management. Every day they live their mission to provide help and hope to homeless women in need. 

Caleb Terrell | Server, Gainesville, FL  

Caleb was chosen for always going above and beyond in taking care of every guest he encounters. Not only does he make sure they have a perfectly cooked BBQ meal every time he serves them, but he also makes it a point to get to know them and ask each of them about their days. Recently, he was speaking to a guest when he found out that they were traveling to visit their sick mother and was feeling too overwhelmed to finish their food. Caleb knows that a little kindness can go a long way and decided to turn this guests day around by covering their meal. This is just one of the many examples that make Caleb a great asset to the Kindness Crew.  

Server Caleb Terrell

I chose to donate to Carter G Cares Inc. This amazing nonprofit charity helps families and newborns that are going through high-risk pregnancies. I had a family member use the resources this charity provides when they were in need, and I would like to repay them for all the help and hope they gave us.

Caleb Terrell

Carter G. Cares, founded in 2019, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources to NICU families while also educating the community on issues related to prematurity and high-risk pregnancy.  

Dawn Jackson | Manager, Buford, GA  

Dawn is a natural fit for our Kindness Crew, bringing with her a love for amplifying acts of kindness within her community. She currently holds the title of Kindness Officer at the Buford location, a testament to her commitment to spreading goodwill. Dawn actively engages in local fundraisers and leads initiatives such as providing meals to local first responders to showcase her appreciation to those who serve and protect. She is also known for helping the homeless in her area. She often rallies her team members together to help gather food, gloves, and clothing items to hand out as the weather gets colder. 

Manager Dawn Jackson

I will be donating my funds to the Random Acts Organization because I’ve been working with them for a long time, and I love everything that they stand for. They support any big or small random act of kindness that you want to do in your local community.

Dawn Jackson

Random Acts is an organization that inspires acts of kindness around the world, both big and small. They provide a network of caring people with the encouragement and support they need to change lives for the better. They also provide the resources needed to perform acts of kindness in your community.  

Giving Tuesday and Beyond

Join us in spreading kindness on Giving Tuesday and beyond. Tune in and follow along by visiting ‘Q the Kindness to stay up to date on all the ways were makin’ a difference in our local communities.

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