How to Build a Delicious Backyard BBQ Menu in 4 Steps 

From The Smoker April 16, 2024
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Step 1

Know Your Guests 

Before you start cookin’ up your Backyard BBQ Menu, think about the friends, family and loved ones you’ve got coming over. Ask them what they’re in the mood for, or, if you really want to prepare, try to answer these questions yourself: 

  • How many people are coming? How about kids? 
  • How many courses are you servin’? Is dessert necessary? 
  • What are your guests’ favorite flavors? 
  • What are you confident in cookin’ up? 
  • Are there any dietary restrictions? Allergies? 

For another way to look at it, Sonny’s Pitmaster Shannon Snell says it’s best to keep it simple. “Cater to your crowd,” Shannon says.

“If you’re doing something for family, do something they’re going to like. Do something that’s going to appeal to the crowd, so I’m going to do a pork butt or ribs.” 

Pitmaster Shannon Snell
Step 2

Start with Appetizers 

As we know very well at Sonny’s, good BBQ takes time. That’s why it’s nice to have something your guests can munch on as the main course is cookin’ away. Depending on the vibe or theme you’re going for, you could opt for chips and dip or another handheld option to keep folks satisfied. Lucky for you, we’ve got some ideas our Pitmasters have cooked up, just click the link to be taken directly to the recipes: 

  • BBQ Chicken Lollipops: Kids love these mini-drumsticks, and they’re the perfect way to use Sonny’s Sweet BBQ Sauce. 
  • Smoker Barrel Nachos: Stackable and munchable, this cheesy tower is as easy to make as it is to eat. 
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip: Can’t beat a classic. Order some Pulled Chicken by the Pound from Sonny’s and get to whippin’ this up. 
Step 3

Move on to the Main Course 

On to the meat of your Backyard BBQ Menu, so to speak. Before we go further, we’ve got to remind you of something important: Leave yourself enough time to cook your meat. If you’re ready to slow-smoke a brisket, (which Pitmaster Shannon has an incredible recipe for), you may need to get started quite a few hours ahead of your get-together. 

When it comes to deciding on what meat to cook, you’ve got a lot of options to pick from. Pitmaster Shannon says this is another time to remember to keep it simple. He says pork butts are the easiest meat to smoke because they’re difficult to overcook. We’ve got you covered there too. 

Step 4

Don’t Forget Drinks & Dessert 

On to the refreshments. When it comes to a Backyard BBQ Menu, you can’t go wrong with some of the classics like soda and beer. But knowing us at Sonny’s, we’re always going to recommend adding some Sweet Tea. It just goes hand-in-hand with BBQ. 

Of course, BBQ is all about meat, but there’s nothing wrong with finishing up on a sweet note. Quick and easy desserts like cobbler, fresh fruit and ice cream or even s’mores are good dessert choices, but if you’re lookin’ to up your game, try these Pitmaster recipes: 

  • Elevated S’mores Dip – No campfire required. A skillet, chocolate and whipped cream takes this dreamy dessert to the next level. 
  • Grilled Peaches – Fresh seasonal fruit glazed and placed on the grill. Don’t forget the ice cream. 
  • Berry Shortcakes – Sweet treats that are perfect to take home and go with almost any occasion. 

Let Sonny’s be your Backyard BBQ Menu 

Don’t want to worry about all the food? We get that. That’s where Sonny’s Catering comes in. We’ve got all your slow-smoked favorites and more BBQ starters like: 

  • Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip 
  • BBQ Meatballs 
  • Pimento Cheese & Jalapeno Hot Link Crackers 

With multiple options from pickup to setup and serve, you’ll be ready for every Backyard BBQ and any special occasion with the ones you love. Ready to get started? Good luck, and remember: Our Pitmasters are here for you if you need ‘em. 

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