$12 or Less: Dig into Sonny’s Slow-Smoked Specials Monday through Friday

From The Smoker January 1, 2024
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New Year, New Deals. Introducin’ our four Slow-Smoked Specials. Every Monday through Friday for a limited time, get your hands on any one of these Sonny’s classics for $12 or less. Here’s a closer look.

Fill Your Schedule

$10 Pork Big Deal

We’ll start off these Slow-Smoked Specials with a tried-and-true favorite. For $10, you get your choice of our signature Pulled or Sliced Pork on a Bun or Garlic Bread. Pick your Sidekick and drink, and then your Big Deal is complete. Stoppin’ by for a quick lunch? Meet us curbside and we’ll be ready with your fixin’ of slow-smoked goodness.

BBQ sauce being spooned onto a pulled pork sandwich

$11 BBQ Salad with BBQ Meat

Many of us may be lookin’ to get in some more green in the New Year, and that’s great, but you shouldn’t skip the BBQ. Our Pitmasters take fresh mixed greens and add grilled corn, tomato, cucumber, diced red onion and shredded Cheddar cheese. They toss it in our homemade ranch, and top it off with crisp Onion Straws, and a drizzle of Sweet BBQ Sauce. For the finishing touch, you get your choice of meat.

Our suggestion? Try our Pulled Chicken. It’s seasoned to perfection and slow-smoked for hours in all of our restaurants before it is loaded onto your plate. You’re welcome.

A salad topped with BBQ meat

$12 Pork & Ribs Combo

Here’s how you get a taste of everything we offer at Sonny’s. You’ve got a few decisions to make for this one. First, pick between tender, juicy Pulled or Sliced Pork. Next, pick from our Sweet & Smokey St. Louis Ribs, or our House Dry Rub. We’d recommend the Sliced Pork and the Sweet & Smokey Ribs, as they are two styles you likely won’t find anywhere many other places here at Sonny’s.

You’re not done yet. Take your pick from either Cornbread or Garlic Bread, and then you’ve got two Sidekicks. Here are just some of your smokin’ choices:

  • Savory & Sweet BBQ Beans
  • Crisp, homemade Coleslaw
  • Creamy Mac & Cheese
  • Flavorful BBQ Dirty Rice (A new favorite)
A plate of pulled pork and ribs with coleslaw and mac and cheese and a cornbread muffin

$12 Smoked Wing Basket

Last but not least, this basket of BBQ is hard to beat. Get our meaty and juicy Smoked Wings tossed in sauce or served in their original style. You can’t miss either way. Then, add some golden Fries and a cup of homemade Ranch Dressing for dippin’. This one will quickly become a Friday night favorite.

A plate of smoked wings and fries with sauce

Fill your Week with Slow-Smoked Specials

With all of these specials $12 or less, consider your work week booked with BBQ. Put your order in now and meet us curbside. We know what a busy schedule looks like, so we’re ready to make it a little better with BBQ.

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