Sonny’s Brings Back Pitmaster Select Bowls for Summer

From The Smoker June 3, 2024
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Fill up on fun. Your summer favorites are back for a limited time. Our Pitmaster Select Bowls are rollin’ out again and start at $10.99. It’s been a while, so let’s get you reacquainted with these three. 

Classic BBQ 

We don’t call this one classic for nothing. Our Pitmasters fill this one with Sonny’s BBQ staples, including delicious Mac & Cheese and BBQ Beans. Then they pile on the Pulled Pork and finish it off with Coleslaw, Onion Straws and a drizzle of Sweet BBQ Sauce. If you want the best of Sonny’s BBQ, this is the bowl to get. 

Can I build my own bowl? 

No, we’re only offerin’ these three Pitmaster Select Bowls this summer. We’re sorry to disappoint, but we know you’ll find a favorite among these three. 

Kickin’ Chicken 

If you want to kick things up a notch, this one’s for you. Our Pitmasters start with a bowlful of Mac & Cheese and Tots, and then they spice things up. Crisp Chicken Tenders are tossed in Buffalo Sauce, then chopped and added to the bowl. Bacon bits and some Ranch dressing finish this one up. 

Is the Kickin’ Chicken spicy?  

Yes, the Kickin’ Chicken is a little spicy because of the Buffalo Sauce. If you’re lookin’ to avoid heat entirely, we recommend getting the Classic BBQ. 

Smokin’ Brisket 

For the last of our Pitmaster Select Bowls, let’s slow things down. The Smokin’ Brisket is just as smokey and meaty as it sounds. Our BBQ Dirty Rice makes a comeback for this one, and our Pitmasters start by mixing it with our BBQ Beans. Then, the Chopped Brisket, Jalapenos, Fritos and Smokin’ Ranch are the last touches. 

Is the Smokin’ Brisket spicy? 

No, the Smokin’ Brisket is not very spicy. It has more of a smokey and savory flavor, and the jalapenos only bring a small touch of heat. 

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