Father’s Day Gift Guide: Top 3 Must-Have BBQ Tools 

From The Smoker June 7, 2024
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For Father’s Day, get what Dad deserves. We crafted this easy gift guide that’s perfect for any dad who loves BBQ and is lookin’ to up his grill game. 

In our Tales from the Pit series, Head Pitmaster Shannon Snell goes through all the ins and outs of the BBQ world, sharing the best Tools of the Trade. Just lookin’ for a list? We’ve got you covered. Here are the Top 3 basics to set Dad up for success: 

Tool #1: Digital Thermometer 

If you go out and get anything from this guide, make sure this is on your list. Many digital thermometers on the market today are accurate, compact and easy to store. Some have wireless capabilities and can be set to alarm you when your BBQ reaches a certain temperature. 

Tool #2: 12-inch Chef’s Knife 

Whether Dad’s slicing up pork or brisket for Father’s Day, Pitmaster Shannon says this knife can do it all, and is the perfect start for any collection. Knives for boning and carving are great for those specific jobs, but a Chef’s Knife is a true jack of all trades, just like Dad. 

“If you have to have one knife in your drawer, I urge you to choose a 12″ Chef’s Knife because it does everything.”

– Sonny’s Head Pitmaster Shannon Snell 

Tool #3: Handheld Knife Sharpener 

No need to weigh Dad down with one of those fancy sharpening stones for Father’s Day. They have a long history of being used, but Pitmaster Shannon says a small handheld sharpener can do the job just fine and will cost you a fraction of what that stone would. Check it out in action.

Last-Minute Idea: Give the Gift of BBQ 

We get it, we’re all busy and sometimes forget to shop for Father’s Day. So, instead of that $25 catch-all card that he may or may not use, send him a Sonny’s E-Gift Card right to his inbox. He’s probably checking his phone anyway, so he’ll be notified the second it arrives. All our locations will be open for their regular hours for Father’s Day, so we’re ready with all of his favorites. 

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