How to turn a grill into a smoker: Tips from a Sonny’s Pitmaster

From The Smoker November 14, 2023
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If you’ve got a grill, you’ve got a smoker. It’s as simple as that. No need to invest in another piece of equipment when all it takes is just tinfoil and some wood chips. Check out this ten-minute tip from Head Sonny’s Pitmaster Shannon Snell, or follow the steps below. Whether it’s Smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving or Smoked Ham for Christmas, you’ll be ready for any holiday.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Turn a Grill into a Smoker for Thanksgiving

  1. Preparing a “Smoke Bomb”Cut a long, rectangular piece of tinfoil and grab a handful of woodchips. If you’re cooking over charcoal, be sure to soak your woodchips first so you get a nice smoky flavor.
  2. Creating the “Smoke Bomb”Place a handful of woodchips inside the tinfoil, and fold the tinfoil right over the top, creating a pocket out of the foil.
  3. Get Ready for SmokeGrab a toothpick and poke some holes in the tinfoil, because you want the smoke to escape.
  4. Finishing UpWhen cooking on your grill, place the wrapped wood chips directly on the grill grate next to the meat, and allow “Smoke Bomb” to work its magic.

Now that you’ve got your smoker goin’, how about startin’ your BBQ journey with a fan favorite? Pitmaster Shannon always says to “keep it simple”, so try his special recipe for delicious and tasty Pulled Pork. Go step-by-step with him to get perfect pork every time you fire up your new smoker. Also, don’t forget the bottle of Sweet BBQ Sauce.

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