Try this Sonny’s Menu Hack for Loaded Fries

From The Smoker July 31, 2023
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Our BBQ Queso is a big hit, so how about we take that to the next level? Combine that fan favorite with our slow-smoked BBQ and crisp Fries, and you’ve got a Menu Hack you just have to try. Here’s how to do it the next time you come to visit us.

1) Order your favorite BBQ plate with Fries as your two Sidekicks.

2) Get BBQ Queso, and if you’re dining in, ask for it to come out with your main course

3) Stack the Fries & Meat

4) Pour on the BBQ Queso

5) Finish with a drizzle of Sizzlin’ BBQ Sauce

Want to see the steps of this Menu Hack in action? Head to our Instagram page. We show you just how easy this is. Then, pick up the ingredients to go, or join us at your local Sonny’s. Those Loaded Fries and waitin’ for you.

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