Sonny’s Menu Spotlight: Sweet Carolina 

From The Smoker February 7, 2024
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Two is better than one. The same can be said about the Sweet Carolina. Our Sonny’s Pitmasters combine signature barbecue and a classic Sidekick to create this delicious dish. So, what makes this sandwich so special? Let’s grab a bite. 

What’s in a Sweet Carolina?

Let’s get right to the meat. Our Pitmasters start with some of our freshly smoked pulled pork. It’s a classic that Sonny Tillman was famous for when he started this legacy in Gainesville, Florida in 1968. We still slow smoke our barbecue over oak just like he did, and to tell you the truth, we’re likely smokin’ barbecue as you read this. 

Okay, now that we’ve got the meat, let’s start stackin’. Up next: a piling of our delicious and crisp homemade Coleslaw. The cool flavor of this fan favorite brings out the sweetness of the pulled pork in a way you’ll just have to taste to believe. 

Now for the finishing touch, we’re headin’ a bit north from Florida to the Carolinas. They’re known for their Mustard BBQ Sauce, which is better known to many as “Carolina Gold”. That inspired our Pitmasters to come up with our own Mustard BBQ Sauce, which is the final flourish on this sensational sandwich. 

Why is it named Sweet Carolina?

That’s easy. We all know the song “Sweet Caroline”, right? Well, it’s a mix of that and the Mustard BBQ Sauce that was inspired by the Carolinas. We’ve got to give credit where credit is due. 

How can I order a Sweet Carolina? 

By itself, this sandwich is a great lunch or dinner, but we recommend makin’ your sandwich a Big Deal. That means you get to add on your favorite Sidekick and drink. What do we suggest?  

A Big Deal Combo

You can’t go wrong with our creamy Mac & Cheese and a tall cup of Sweet Tea.

Be Sweet

Still got a sweet tooth to satisfy? We know that feeling. Our famous Banana Pudding may be callin’ your name.

Banana Pudding

Grab a Bite

Puttin’ it simply, a Sweet Carolina may be just a few ingredients, but they’ve become a new classic that’s hard to beat. Tryin’ one for yourself? Tag us in your pictures @sonnysbbq. We can’t wait to see your next bite. 

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