Unveiling the Heart of Sonny’s BBQ: Introducing “BBQ & You” 

From The Smoker April 2, 2024
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At Sonny’s, we’re all about the slow-smoked barbecue and Southern hospitality. Few things bring back those nostalgic memories like gatherin’ around the table with your loved ones for some good eatin’. It’s who we are, and now, we’re shinin’ a spotlight on those stories with our new series: “BBQ & You”. 

What is “BBQ & You”? 

Puttin’ it simply, with “BBQ & You”, we travel across the country to connect with the heart and soul of Sonny’s: our team members. Through a series of fun interviews, your host, Daniel, is introducin’ you to your local Pitmasters, servers and more. 

Why focus on team members? 

Like we said earlier, they are the heartbeat of Sonny’s. Our Pitmasters and cooks pour their soul into every rack of ribs, every batch of pulled pork and every savory Sidekick. Meantime, our servers and other team members are makin’ sure you’re greeted with that same level of Southern hospitality you’ve come to know and love. 

Through candid interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, “BBQ & You” showcases the diverse personalities that comprise the Sonny’s BBQ family. From the veterans with decades of experience to the newcomers eager to learn the ropes, each team member brings something unique to the table. It’s those personal stories and shared experiences that form the foundation of Sonny’s unparalleled hospitality. 

Can I be a part of “BBQ & You”? 

You’re more than welcome to join this journey in front of the camera. Everyone has a Sonny’s story, and we’d love to hear yours. If you spot Daniel on the road, don’t be shy. He’d love to chat with you about what makes your Sonny’s special. You may see yourself on our social media channels. 

Let’s Hit the Road 

Think of “BBQ & You” as your invitation to your local Pit. Whether you’re a die-hard Sonny’s fan or simply someone who appreciates good company and great eats, there’s something for everyone on this engaging journey. 

In essence, “BBQ & You” embodies the spirit of Sonny’s BBQ, a spirit rooted in tradition yet always evolving. It’s fueled by passion, pride, and a relentless journey to excellence. So, pull up a chair, grab a plate of your favorite BBQ and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with “BBQ & You.” After all, as Sonny Tillman once said, “Folks came in as strangers, but they always left as family.” 

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