Deep Dish Pulled Pork Pizza

From The Smoker October 7, 2022
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BBQ and Pizza. What’s not to like? This Deep Dish Pulled Pork Pizza recipe takes a Sonny’s BBQ staple, pulled pork, and piles it on top of a fan favorite. It’s the perfect way to keep the National Pulled Pork Day celebration goin’. From the crisp crust to the saucy slices, it’s all made from scratch. But don’t worry, with these simple steps, you’ll be turnin’ your home into a Pulled Pork Pizzeria in no time.

Follow our step-by-step recipe below, or watch Pitmaster Shannon Snell fire up the smoker to bake up the perfect Pulled Pork Pizza. Lookin’ for something meatier? Try this Coffee Chili Rub Ribeye, and watch more of our recipes in our dedicated BBQ Bites playlist on Youtube.

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