Big Game Bundles for Big Tailgate Hype

From The Smoker January 8, 2024
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Ready, set, HIKE! While the Playoff and National Championship season gets underway, and the Big Game is just around the corner, everyone will be gatherin’ around to cheer on their favorite teams. This calls for some serious BBQ action that you can bring home. From Bundles to Sweet Tea, we’ve got a few ideas to fuel your fans.  

Create Your Own BBQ Bundles

Need to please fans on either team? We’re here to help you ‘Q up the deliciousness… without the mess. Our Create Your Own BBQ Bundles can feed up to 10 and are served with your choice of pint sidekicks and bread. From Pulled Pork to Sweet & Smokey Ribs, we’re sure your BBQ feast will bring the hype to kick-off. 

Go ahead and place your order now, and meet us curbside to score one delicious “completion”. To find these Bundles, head to and look under the “Family Meals” category. Then, much like your fantasy team this season, you’ll make your picks.

A table with containers of BBQ meats and sides from Sonny's catering

The Extras

Catering to Cheer For!

Table showing catered BBQ from Sonny's.

If you’ve got a lot more than 10 fans comin’ over, Sonny’s Catering will be your best bet. We serve up party-sized portions of all your slow-smoked favorites, as well as tempting starters like BBQ Meatballs and Burnt Ends. Now there’s something to cheer about.

Apps of Athletes

Redneck Egg Rolls and Loaded Tots are sure to be a crowd pleaser when it comes to watchin’ who will bring home the next trophy. These games ought to be good ones, and that deserves the apps of athletes in your hands. 

Tea of Champions

All that cheering sure will make you thirsty. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Order a gallon of Sweet or Unsweet Tea to prepare for ample “Woohoo, let’s go!”  No tailgate is complete without it.  

A table with containers BBQ wings and gallons of tea from Sonny's.

Win or lose, we can’t wait to ‘Q for you. Our Bundles are now available for preorder, so call your local Sonny’s today.

It’s sure to be a smokin’ good time and we’re lookin’ forward to seeing all your game day posts. Don’t forget to share your photos with us on social using #SonnysBBQ. Now let’s make BBQ history, together.  

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