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Why Sonny’s

We’ve been smokin’ up authentic Southern barbecue at Sonny’s since ‘68. When you join our crew, you’re diving into a rich BBQ legacy while enjoying some savory benefits, a heaping side of flexibility, and a clear path to stoke your career’s fire.

It’s not just about our rich history—it’s about the journey ahead, and we want you to be a part of that flavorful future.

Grow With Us

Here at Sonny’s, we’re all about fanning the flames of your ambition, from dishwashers rising to the ranks of Pitmasters to servers becoming owners and stepping up to claim a piece of our BBQ legacy. We celebrate your success and take pride in our longstanding tradition of promoting from within.

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Make a Difference

Serve up more than just our mouthwaterin’ slow-smoked BBQ. At Sonny’s, we’re passionate about firing up kindness right in your own backyard with our Random Acts of BBQ® and our ‘Q the Kindness® Mission. Join us, and let’s spread warmth and Southern generosity together in the community.

Become a Pitmaster

Ready to fan the flames of your BBQ career? We’re on the hunt for passionate BBQ buffs who know their way around a smoker. Having that Certified Sonny’s Pitmaster® title is about more than grillin’ - it’s a rite of passage. Our Pitmaster Training (P.I.T.) Academy provides hands-on learning through written and practical tests and smoky head-to-head competitions.

Embrace the heat, elevate your craft, and carve a name for yourself in BBQ history. Join us, and let’s get cookin’.

Sonny's BBQ Certified Pitmaster
PIT Academy

Roles & Positions

Sonny’s Crew Lineup

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Front of House


Our servers don’t just serve. They help make memories that keep our guests cravin’ more. Our servers are experts at the basics—great service, pre-bussing, stocking service areas—but most importantly, they create an authentic experience slathered in Southern hospitality.


Not all our locations have bars, but for those that do, our bartenders keep the good times flowin’. Whether it’s mixin’ drinks, servin’ food to guests seated at the bar, or keepin’ the bar fully stocked with liquor, mixers, beer, and other supplies, our bartenders add a little extra pep to the party.


The good times in our restaurants start and end with our hosts. Whether it’s greetin’ and seatin’ guests, keepin’ a neat and clean foyer and dining area, or invitin’ guests to return as they leave, our hosts make sure guests feel a true Southern-style welcome.


Cashiers are our go-to folks. From greetin’ guests at the front register and drive-thru and accounting for transactions to preparin’ and fulfillin’ take-out orders and answerin’ the phone, our cashiers add to the energy of the shift and bring an extra helpin’ of Southern hospitality.

Back of House


Our Prep Pros are the unsung heroes behind every smoky bite. They handle, label, rotate, and store our food with care and precision, ensuring that every plate we serve has that signature Sonny's quality our guests have come to love and crave.


Our Cooks know that BBQ is an art. They dive deep into our tried-and-true recipes, ensuring every serving is dished out generously with minimum waste. They're the heart and soul behind the smoky delights that keep our guests comin’ back for more.

Dish Machine Operator

More than just operators, they’re our kitchen’s backbone. Making sure every dish shines and is ready for the next round of BBQ goodness. Beyond the dishes, they keep our spaces spick and span, ensuring the heart of Sonny’s – our kitchen – stays as warm and inviting as our dining room.


Front-of-House Managers

Holdin' down the fort where BBQ meets hospitality! As our Front of House Manager, you set the stage for those memorable Sonny's visits, ensuring every guest gets a generous serving of our Southern charm.

Back-of-House Managers

The heart of Sonny's operation! As our Back of House Manager, you're the mastermind behind the scenes, ensuring every rub, marinade, and sizzle culminates into the mouthwatering BBQ our guests crave.


The Business Side of Sonny’s BBQ

Here at Sonny's, our corporate team is the backbone of our smokin’ success, fueling the passion that makes us a BBQ favorite. In our Winter Park, FL, corporate office, you’ll find more than just a job – you’ll discover a place where innovation meets tradition, and your work directly supports our in-restaurant crew in delivering the genuine Southern hospitality our customers love. Join us to make a real impact, grow your career, and help continue our legacy of heartwarming service and mouthwatering BBQ since 1968.

Sonny's team celebrates

Ignite Your Passion

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Ready to sizzle with Sonny’s? Become part of our smokin’ legacy and bring your unique flavor to our team. Explore our open positions, apply, and prepare to embark on a journey where passion meets purpose.

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