RABBQ For the Homeless Coalition in Port Charlotte

Sonny’s BBQ in Port Charlotte, FL, teamed up with the Punta Gorda Recreation Center and the Homeless Coalition to throw a Random Acts of BBQ for a group of families. We sponsored 10 families in the Charlotte area and helped them to have a Christmas that they would not have been able to give themselves. The families there were so thankful to have a hot meal provided by Sonny’s BBQ. A few of the parents were actually in tears because of how happy they were. Each child had a hand-picked gift given to them that they had put on their personal wish list. We got to watch them explode with happiness and excitement as they opened their gifts under the Christmas tree. It was such a heartwarming experience that we at Sonny’s will keep in our hearts forever.

Five of the Sonny’s locations in the Port Charlotte area are open on Thanksgiving Day. On this day, for every turkey dinner sold at each store, a holiday meal will be donated to a local charity for the Christmas season. It’s a way to give back to the community and help spread the spirit of BBQ to those in need.

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