Recognizing Nancy C. with a Random Act of BBQ

Nancy Collins is a warm source of happiness for the Thomasville location. Serving smiles since opening day, she is known for her kind heart and welcoming personality. She is always looking out for others and noticed that her team had been working really hard and thought that they could use something to sweeten their day. 

To thank all her team members for their hard work, Nancy coordinated and paid for an Italian Ice truck to surprise all her coworkers on a hot summer day. The kind gesture was just one of the many impactful moments she has created throughout her years with Sonny’s BBQ. 

We recently had the opportunity to surprise Nancy with a Random Act of BBQ to let her know how much she means to us. We are so thankful to have someone as thoughtful as Nancy in the Sonny’s Family. Thank you, Nancy, for all you do to ‘Q the Kindness!

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