Sonny’s Recognizes a Deserving Team Member with a Random Act of BBQ

Tiffany is always there to lend a helping hand. She is the first to pick up shifts when her coworkers have emergencies and is always looking for more ways to help her team. She can work any position in the store, so she often helps train the new team members. Tiffany goes out of her way to remember everyone on the team’s birthday to make them feel extra special on their big days. She also makes every guest feel right at home and creates a fun and comfortable environment for everyone. There are many examples of how kind Tiffany is, but one story really stood out to us. A guest was getting ready to leave when Tiffany noticed it was pouring out and the guest did not have an umbrella. She took a large tray from the back and held it over the guest while she walked them out, so they did not get wet or fall.   We are so grateful to have Tiffany on our team. Thank you for always spreading kindness!

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