Sonny’s BBQ Recognizes Man for his Random Acts of Kindness

Community volunteer, Greg Anderson, was nominated by his wife Debbie.  In her nomination, she told us that “Greg has a huge servant’s heart. He always goes above and beyond in his full time job as a paint & body man to then volunteering with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. He is called on at all hours of the night and always answers the call. He works many long hours at his job and then will come home, long enough to change to volunteer where he may be needed. He works in the security of a church to keep it safe. The night of the surprise BBQ feast, Debbie had someone read a letter that went into more detail about why she immediately thought of Greg when she heard about Random Acts Of BBQ.  She wrote that Greg is someone who just has a heart to do Random Acts of Kindness every day without ever thinking about it.  He is observant of others and tries to bless them in some way.  He comes when called upon and is always true to his word.  He never wants recognition or expects anything in return.   She listed many examples of things she has witnessed him doing, from secretly paying for meals for veterans and first responders, to helping strangers get their keys out of a locked car.  Many of the people at the dinner had their own stories to share about ways that Greg has been there when they needed a helping hand.   It’s people like Greg that embody the spirit of Random Acts of BBQ!

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