Sonny’s BBQ of Orlando Celebrates Loyda Ortiz

Here at Sonny’s BBQ, we’re of the mindset that good deeds shouldn’t go unnoticed. That’s why we honored Loyda Ortiz, an 8th grade student at Freedom Middle School, with a Random Acts of BBQ this month.

Loyda paid it forward by creating the “Kindness Challenge” for her fellow 8th grade students as a means to prevent bullying and help all students feel accepted. Her challenge started with a kick-off concert coordinated with the All-Star Nation Tour, where talented musicians shared their stories of combating bullying and inspiring kindness. She then organized activities for students, encouraging them to change seats during lunch and sit with someone they hadn’t met before.

Loyda also led a food drive to benefit homeless students, passed out “kindness bracelets” to students who offered to write words of encouragement, and set up a photo booth at lunch where students had the opportunity to share  kindness with others on social media using a hashtag.

There’s no doubt that Loyda is a shining star in her school. She’s always willing to share her personal testimony of how bullying impacted her life and how she overcame the trauma, all in an effort to inspire others.

Keep up the great work, Loyda.

If you know of someone who goes the extra mile in their community, submit a nomination here for a chance to be considered for a little surprise BBQ recognition. Our Random Acts of BBQ initiative is ongoing, and we welcome all to share their stories of putting others first as we continue to spread the spirit of BBQ in our communities.

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