Sonny’s BBQ of Charlotte County Has RABBQ For an Act of Heroism

Sonny’s BBQ of Charlotte County had a Random Acts of BBQ for an act of heroism. Back in August 2016, DFC. James Mills and trainee Dep. Seth Pelfrey responded to a boating incident with injury. Deputies were advised that a subject had been on his jet ski when a strong storm with heavy lightening came through the area. The caller advised 911 that the victim was struck by lightening. The victim was floating in Ski Ally waterway. DFC Mills and Dep. Pelfrey were the first to arrive. DFC Mills took off his duty gear and dove into the water during this lightening storm, swimming 60-80 yards to the victim. DFC Mills then rescue-swam the victim to a dock where Dep. Pelfrey assisted in getting him out of the water. DFC Mills and Dep. Pelfrey performed CPR until EMS Rescue 13 arrived and took over lifesaving efforts. The leadership, initiative, resourcefulness and swift action of these two were instrumental in saving the victim’s life.

During the RABBQ, the room was filled with green sheriff’s office colors. Not only did the deputies come out but their friends, families, coworkers and even Sheriff Prummell came to say a few words about the officers. The Sheriff’s office was so grateful that we not only recognized those that help saved this man’s life but they were so happy that they were being showcased for the good they do in the community. After the event, John, the deputies and their Lieutenant went on air at Kixx Country to talk about the event and Sonny’s Random Acts of BBQ.

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