Sonny’s BBQ Donates $10K to #WithLoveFromHarlan

We are excited to announce #WithLoveFromHarlan as the $10,000 winner of the Spirit of BBQ: Giving Tuesday Edition.

Founded in 2017, #WithLoveFromHarlan is a nonprofit organization who collects and distributes items and monetary donations to assist and support others in their time of need. This includes collecting and delivering items to individuals affected by natural disasters, hosting weekend meal programs for the homeless or hungry, and many other projects and activities. #WithLoveFromHarlan is committed to serving others and lending a helping hand in any way they can.

We want to thank each and every one of our supporters for their votes, love, and encouragement. Winning the $10K from Sonny’s Spirit of BBQ: Giving Tuesday Edition means we can finally look for an office space or building, fund and expand our weekend meal program and continue our many outreach programs. It is humbling to have been nominated alongside so many other great nonprofits. $10k will bless our organization and many lives in Harlan County, KY.

Leslie Bledsoe
Founder & President, With Love from Harlan

Although there’s only one grand prize, everyone’s goin’ home a winner. Each of the runner-ups will receive a $500 donation in support of each of their initiatives to do good in their communities:

You did it, BBQ fans. Thank you for filling this global day of giving with the Spirit of BBQ. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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