Recognizing Team Members with a Random Act of BBQ at Sonny’s

Stephen and Kimberly deserve all the praise. They both go above and beyond to show their team members they are important and appreciated. When a team member almost had to call out because they couldn’t find a ride to work, Kimberly paid for their uber and ensured they had a safe ride home as well. Kim is known for always putting others first, even on her worst days. Stephen treats his coworkers like his children.

He makes sure they are always fed and taken care of. When he senses his team members are feeling overwhelmed, he jumps in to help. Stephen lets his team members vent and express their concerns to him so that they feel heard. Not only is he great with his coworkers, but he also expresses the same love and appreciation toward his guests. A family came into his store 10 minutes before closing time and they felt bad about doing so.

Stephan assured them they had no reason to feel bad and welcomed them with open arms. He made conversation with them and made them feel comfortable until they left. Stephan and Kimberly are great assets to our Valdosta team and are both deserving of this Random Acts of BBQ.