Just for Jr. Pitmasters

Coloring Sheets + Activities

Break out the crayons and exercise those imaginations. We’ve got fun, printable BBQ activity sheets for kiddos of all ages.

  • Activity #1: Find all 8 bottles of Sonny’s BBQ sauce before tackling the ingredients hidden in a word search.
  • Activity #2: Solve the word jumble, then connect the dots to reveal what is used to cook our delicious BBQ.
  • Activity #3: A pig cut-out, BBQ trivia, then unscramble words to unveil our secret BBQ sauce recipe.
  • Activity #4: Complete a puzzle, then make the smoker your own by adding wings, drawing on flames or giving it wheels.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

We’ve got three dishes with age-appropriate tasks for kids age 3 and up. These easy-peasy recipes are fun to cook with the whole family and even more fun to eat.

  1. 3 Little Pigs in a Blanket
  2. Smoked BBQ Chicken Pizza
  3. Berry Shortcakes

Family Fun: DIY BBQ Sauce

While you’re creating meals and memories together at home, try any or all four of these DIY BBQ sauce recipes:

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