Father’s Day Gift Guide

Whether he’s a Pitmaster at heart eager to sharpen his skills or would rather leave the grillin’ to the experts, this guide has something for every BBQ-lovin’ dad this Father’s Day.

Grills & Smokers

If pops loves BBQ as much as we do, he’s been itching to try his tongs at grillin’ and smokin’ at home. And because he deserves the very best on the market, Pitmaster Bryan Mroczka is sharing his favorite grills and smokers to make the buying decision a whole lot easier on you.

The Original PK Grill and Smoker or the PK360

Why Bryan loves it: “The key to successful backyard grilling is precise temperature management, which PK has perfected with its special vent system. This baby has a beautiful cast aluminum body, which holds in heat real well. It’s also a charcoal grill, which means you can cook your pork butts and briskets low and slow or turn up the heat for flame-kissed steaks and seared chicken breasts. I also love the PK because it’s super portable, making it perfect for bringing to a lakeside cookout or neighborhood BBQ competition.” Take a look >>

Traeger Timberline

Why Bryan loves it: “This high-tech pellet smoker is good for smoking, grilling, roasting, baking and braising – all of which can be done from your mobile device. Picture this: Dad’s preparing a brisket in your backyard, and the family wants him to join in on a friendly game of football. This bad boy allows him to step away from the grill, so he doesn’t have to baby the beef. He simply throws it on the grates and monitors from his phone. Once your brisket hits the perfect internal temperature, dad can have the Timberline hold it at a safe temperature in just a few clicks until he’s crossed the end zone and the family’s ready to eat. Its double-walled, stainless steel interior holds the heat nicely, and makes it super easy to clean.” Check it out >>

Weber Summit Charcoal Grill

Why Bryan loves it: “You’ve heard of the Big Green Egg, but Weber’s Summit Charcoal Grill is next level in my book. Unlike the Egg, it’s easy to travel with and way less likely to crack. This double-walled kettle and lid creates an air gap that acts as insulation to help you easily control your cooking temperature. And it’s packed with features designed to help any backyard cook excel, including its gas ignition system (just load the charcoal and go), rapid-fire lid (which allows you to give more oxygen to the fire as needed), a two-level cooking grate (to get that perfect sear whether you’re cooking hearty steaks or delicate fish), and a venting system for cooking as slowly or quickly as you need.” Lift the lid >>

Sauces & Rubs

You’ve upgraded his grill, what’s next? Get our famous Signature BBQ sauces and Dry Rub delivered right to his door.

21 oz. Sweet, Smokin, Sizzlin’, or Original sauce: $4.99*
84 oz. Sweet sauce: $14.99*
21 oz. Dry Rub shaker: $3.99*

*Before tax and shipping.

Give The Gift of BBQ

Together or apart, you can always send dad a Sonny’s eGift Card straight to his inbox for him to use whenever he gets a mean craving for some real Southern BBQ.

Order up a Father’s Day Feast

He might say spending time with you is all he needs on his special day, but we bet you’d earn ‘Best Kid Award’ if a BBQ feast is in store (…and he’s off grill duty).

Order a BBQ Bundle online for curbside pickup or delivery and let us take care of his slow-smoked favorites while you spend more time enjoying each others company.

However you spend this Father’s Day, remember to take photos to capture those precious memories and share them with us on social media using #SonnysBBQ. You never know, we might just feature you on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.