5 Social Distancing Activities for the Whole Family

  1. Break out the crayons for our Jr. Pitmasters! We’ve got fun, printable activities for the kiddos at home.
    Activity #1: Find all 8 bottles of Sonny’s BBQ sauce before tackling the ingredients hidden in a word search.
    Activity #2: Solve the word jumble, then connect the dots to reveal what is used to cook our delicious BBQ.
  2. Take your taste buds to BBQ heaven with any or all 4 of our Pitmaster-Approved recipes to celebrate National Sauce Month at home. Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sundae? You won’t regret giving this Chocolate BBQ Glaze recipe a try.
  3. Listen and sing along to the songs you might hear while sittin’ in your favorite booth at your local Sonny’s with our Sonny’s at Home playlist on Spotify.
  4. Send a friend or family member a virtual hug on Facebook.
  5. Get the family fired up for dinner by orderin’ our Meal Deal to go. Bring home a whole chicken, a pound of pork, 3 pint-sized Sidekicks and bread for an epic family feast. Click here to order for curbside pickup or delivery (at select locations).

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